Dear Guests,
We would like to inform you that at KING MINOS PALACE Hotel & Bungalows we have been closely monitoring all developments regarding the spread of COVID-19.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have calmly and responsibly applied all mandatory safety measures as per the official hygiene recommendations of the relevant authorities.

Our primary care and concern is to ensure the health and safety of all our guests and employees.
It is OUR mutual duty, both yours and ours, to support with all our might the titanic effort made worldwide to close the cycle of the pandemic as soon as possible and to return to a sense of normalcy and prosperity for all. Therefore, the mandatory application of the following measures during your stay at KING MINOS PALACE
Hotel & Bungalows are imperative.



• The safety of every single one of us highly depends on good cooperation, understanding and a shared sense of individual responsibility. Maintaining a 2-metre distance between each other is necessary in all common areas (with no exceptions allowed), especially in the area of the Front Desk, where some delays are expected due to the expanded Check-In time.

Daily cleaning & disinfection are carried out with increased frequency in all common areas - the Lobby, the Front Desk and all catering areas.

• Our personnel has undertaken special training, resulting in a strict and professional adherence to health measures regarding the use of masks, face shields & gloves during all work hours.

Hand sanitizers are readily available in all public areas, as well as indoor & outdoor facilities, where they are used meticulously by our staff.

• Elevators should be used by one person at a time, or by visitors that share the same room. However, we recommend that you use the stairs instead.


Check-in will take place after 15:00. The Front Desk area has been adjusted in compliance with the official health guidelines regarding the placement of plexiglass, use of gloves and masks, as well as special floor markings, safeguarding the well-being of both customers and staff.

• The physical presence of all residents (per room) is essential during the Check-In process. Signed acceptance of all instructions regarding Covid-19 will also be required. It is recommended to settle your payments via credit card (contactless process). You will also be provided with your room keycard folder containing your electronic room key, which will have been sanitized.

Mandatory Check-Out from the guest room by 11.00am, to ensure the proper disinfection and natural ventilation of the space ahead of the next guests’ entry.

General Use Room not available. Late Check-Out till 18:00, please enquire 1 day prior to your departure for availability (at extra cost).


• All official Hygiene and Cleaning Protocols are being dilligently applied in order to sanitize guest rooms with absolute consistency, particilarly on surfaces and high-risk objects of regular touch. After each departure and before the next arrival, a strict cleaning operation is carried out, whereby the room is disinfected with a sanitizing spray and well ventilated afterwards.

• On the basis of these mandatory Health Protocols, daily cleaning and housekeeping of all guest rooms will be less frequent, unless guest requires differently.

• The guest room will not have decorative objects such as items likely to be shared by touch (menus etc).


• Operating according to all official Health Protocols, our Main Restaurant (breakfast & dinner) will be providing buffet meals served to you by our staff.

• Particular attention must be paid to the adherence of the required amount of social distance and other socially responsible behaviours with regards to health & safety, as well as attention to your clothing / footwear. Indicatively, swimwear is not allowed, while the use of shoes is mandatory. It is not allowed to carry food or beverages while entering or exiting the restaurant. At the restaurant’s entrance, our staff will be at your disposal for any further information or assistance you may need.

• Similar modifications - where required - will apply to other common areas of the hotel. The goal is to avoid overcrowding, especially at the swimming pool and outdoor bar, as well as during sports and activities. Please note that group sports are not permitted. Themed evenings,
entertainment shows, games & activities will take place outdoors in order to adhere to safe social distancing measures.

• The sunbeds have been arranged in new, pre-determined positions, ensuring the mandatory safety distances.
It is absolutely prohibited to move them around.

• We would like to remind you children that of all ages must remain under your personal supervision. Children’s Club will not be operating (due to restrictions, indoors activities are not allowed).

• Finally, in order to safeguard the wellbeing of our guests and staff, non-residents (eg. friends, relatives etc) will not be allowed to enter the hotel grounds. We are counting on your nderstanding
and cooperation.


In closing, we would like to point out again that pleasant stay, whilst being and feeling safe. Surely, this will be a different summer, but we can (and we will!) enjoy a much-needed holiday break from this unprecedented reality we have been experiencing this year.

With kind regards,
The Management of KING MINOS PALACE Hotel & Bungalows